Friday Night Lightning

  • Written by Jeff Vorva


FRONT-COLOR-4-COL-TOPRain and lightning postponed all but one area game Friday night — the first night of the high school football season.
  Slivers of lightning piercedFront-color-4-col-middle the skies in the top photo in Burbank. At 8 p.m., when there should have been action on the field and people crowding the stands at Reavis for the first Battle of Burbank between St. Laurence and Reavis, the stands (middle photo) had been cleared for hours. In the bottom photo, Vikings fans had to spend FRONT-COLOR--3-col-bottomtime trying to have fun in the parking lot before the postponement was announced at 8:30 p.m.
  The teams played on Saturday night with St. Laurence winning handily. Oak Lawn’s home win over Kenwood, which started at 9:30 p.m. was the lone area game played Friday night. Details on all of the local games are in sports.