Tennessee man allegedly boasts of .40 breath tests from previous arrest

  • Written by Brett Rush


  A Nashville, Tenn., man arrested for driving under the influence Aug. 4 allegedly bragged to Oak Lawn police of a higher blood-alcohol content during a previous alcohol-related arrest while he was “running moonshine” in his home state, according to police reports.

  Jay A. Ultsch, 54, and a companion, Scott L. Fitzgerald, 43, of Gary, Ind., were arrested around 1:15 a.m. after a traffic stop in front of a car dealership near 114th Street and Pulaski Road, according to reports.
  Police reportedly witnessed the red 1992 Ford F-150 pickup truck Ultsch was driving swerve into the left lane several times while heading south on Pulaski Road between 109th and 111th Streets.
  After police activated their squad car’s emergency lights, Ultsch stuck his hand out the window before driving up and over the curb while stopping the truck, according to reports.
  Police reportedly noticed a strong odor of alcohol and saw that Ultsch’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy while speaking with him. When asked where he lived, Ultsch reportedly told police his address was 1006 Cahal Avenue, despite his driver’s license showing an address of 1024 Cahal Avenue. When police asked Ultsch twice where he was coming from, Ultsch responded “that little market,” according to reports.
  Ultsch, who reportedly told police he drank two-and-a-half beers, dropped his foot several times during a roadside sobriety test before saying he thought he would “blow probably a six” during administration of the preliminary breath test, according to reports. Ultsch was reportedly unsuccessful in giving a sample for the preliminary breath test.
  As police arrested Ultsch and Fitzgerald — who had an outstanding warrant for a traffic offense — Fitzgerald allegedly struggled with police, shouting “get your hands off me before I pop you in your [expletive] mouth!”
  Police also found a 12-ounce bottle of Icehouse beer on the floor of the truck near the front seat, according to reports.
  During processing at the Oak Lawn police station, Ultsch and Fitzgerald reportedly discussed which officers they would like to fight before Ultsch took a preliminary breath test a second time. When told he registered a blood-alcohol level of .218, Ultsch reportedly said, “Is that all? I was a ‘four’ when I was running moonshine in Tennessee.”