Driver in Oak Lawn DUI crash says she ‘loves smoking weed,’ police say


  An Oak Lawn woman is facing multiple auto and alcohol-related charges for crashing the car she was driving into a parked truck after drinking while under age at a bar in Chicago Ridge, according to police reports.
  Carlena Williams, 19, was arrested around 3 a.m. July 7 after police responding to the scene of a hit-and-run accident in the 5400 block of 99th Street found her walking down 99th Street away from the scene, according to reports. She is charged with underage drinking, DUI, obstructing identification attempts and failure to reduce speed, according to reports.
  Williams — who was bleeding from her right wrist and right ear — denied involvement in the accident before admitting to police she was coming from a bar, according to reports.
  Williams reportedly began changing her account of the events and once again denied driving from the bar. According to reports, Williams allegedly told police she was 19 years old but then said she was 21 after they began questioning her about her time at the bar. Police reports state Williams appeared intoxicated, her breath smelled of alcohol, and her eyes were glassy.
  A witness who was driving behind Williams told police she saw the Mazda Williams was driving smash into the truck and become stuck before accelerating in an attempt to dislodge from the crash, according to reports. About five minutes passed before Williams was able to free the car and park it a short distance away from the accident, according to police. She then exited the car and began walking away, according to reports.
  Williams’ friend, Jessica Gonzalez, 20, of Burbank, was a passenger in the car following Williams and confirmed for police that Williams had been driving the Mazda, according to reports. Police took Gonzalez into custody for underage consumption after she admitted to drinking with Williams at a party in Burbank before accompanying her to Jack Desmond’s, according to reports.
  While in jail, Williams reportedly told police, “I love smoking [expletive] weed. I’m going to leave this stupid [expletive] police department and smoke a blunt. Write that down. Are you writing that down?”
  According to the report, Williams also admitted to purchasing and smoking cannabis, stating that she had bought marijuana at 23rd and Troy in Chicago and had smoked 1/8 of an ounce of it in two hours.
  Williams was charged, released on bond, and given a court hearing on July 25.
— The Reporter