Chicago Ridge officials consider property’s fate

  • Written by Kevin M. Coyne

  The village of Chicago Ridge continues to mull the fate of a property that some officials consider an eyesore.

  Chicago Ridge officials were not happy after property owner Mike Roche Jr. failed to produce a contract late last month outlining a completion date for the repaving of his 10014 Andersen Avenue property.
  The village board has called a special meeting and executive session for 4 p.m. today, Thursday, but whether the meeting will focus on how to proceed with the Roche property is unknown.
  “Mr. Roche attended the last board meeting [July 16] but failed to produce a contract as directed by the trustees during the previous board meeting,” said Chicago Ridge Mayor Chuck Tokar. “We will hold a special meeting or executive session to determine what we will do with the property and how we’re going to move forward with the property owner.”
  For the past three months Roche Jr. has worked to clean up his property and complete a laundry list of code violations as directed by Chicago Ridge Building Commissioner Rich Sumner. Village trustees monitored Roche’s progress after his promise to clean up the property.
  “I was all for giving Roche Jr. a chance to clean up his property and it seemed like since he took over the property from his father it was going to be cleaned up and up to code,” Sumner said. “He was told by the trustees to produce a contract from the paving company he works with and he simply failed to bring it in during the last meeting.”
  Mike Roche Sr. was the longtime owner of the property and had dealt with past Chicago Ridge Mayor Eugene Siegel and village trustees for nearly 15 years. After the property was entrusted to his son, the board of trustees hoped to work with Roche Jr. and allow him to continue to lease property to his tenants.
  Roche said at the June 25 board meeting that he would not have the property repaved within a year due to the cost of the job. Village trustees empathized with Roche Jr. and asked that he at least provide a contract stating when the job would be complete and show a deposit was made to the company of Roche’s choosing.
  Trustee John Lind emphasized during the June meeting that the village is not going to get the paving they want and he understands the Roche’s situation. Roche Jr. countered that the cost was an issue and removing the storage lockers on his property will take a significant amount of time and effort.
  The next regular scheduled board meeting is Tuesday.