Deadline approaches for resolution of Chicago Ridge’s Roche problem

  • Written by Kevin M. Coyne

PG3 roche1 3colThe Roche property is occupied by trucks, storage units and other items that can be best classified as junk.

Photos by Kevin M. Coyne  For nearly 15 years, Chicago Ridge property owner Mike Roche Sr. has vowed to clean up the land he leases to several businesses in the village’s industrial park.

  Village officials have time and time heard Roche say he again how his property, 10014 Andersen Ave., will be cleaned up by the next board meeting, or how completing a certain task is not possible at that given time.
  Trustees last month finally told Roche they had enough, and put the landlord’s feet to the flame, demanding he remedy the situation or face the revocation of his business licenses.
  “I’ve been on the board now for 16 years and at least 14 years we’ve been dealing with Mr. Roche and trying to clean up that property,” Trustee Dan Badontolf Roche’s son, Mike Jr., at a meeting in June. “We’ve given him ample time, extension after extension after extension. I’ve listened to Mr. Roche’s promises all these years and they are unfulfilled promises. I’m going to dig my heels in here and say I want at before anybody is issued a license.”
  Roche Jr. has at the board’s last two meetings said the property will be cleaned up by the July 16 deadline. The younger Roche has made a lot of headway, and he continues to make progress in cleaning up the site, according to Chicago Ridge Mayor Chuck Tokar.
  At the most recent board meeting the village grilled Roche Jr. about repaving the entire property. Roche Jr. PG3 roche2 3colacknowledged he will not have the paving done this year; however, he will take care of the laundry list of code violations documented by village Building Commissioner Rich Sumner, he said.
  Roche’s property is home to the largest recycling plant in the United States, Resource Management, at 9999 Andersen Avenue. In addition, Casey Czochara, owner of CMD Conveyer, 10008 Andersen Ave., promised to close up shop and move from Roche’s property within the next six months. Czochara’s decision to relocate his business may end up harming Resource Management since his business is tasked with fixing conveyor belts and equipment for the recycling plant.
  The village is at this point at a standstill with Roche Jr. who must complete the remaining items on Sumner’s list and provide a contract outlining the scheduled completion date of repaving the property.