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50 years ago
Dec. 27, 1962

A groundbreaking was scheduled for Redeemer Methodist Church at 90th Street and Oak Park Avenue in Oak Lawn on Jan. 6, 1963. The church featured a 150-foot high bell tower, a skylight, seating for 130 in the sanctuary and 250 additional seats. The church was expected to open in the fall of 1963.


A 13th Century Christmas tradition took shape at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 7800 McCarthy Road in Palos Heights. Two trees were lit on the altar, representing life and death. One tree featured red lights and 33 apples, representing evil and the story of Adam and Eve. The second tree featured white lights and 33 white roses, representing the everlasting life of Jesus. The number three is important in Christianity - Jesus lived to be 33 years old, and three is representative of the Holy Trinity.

25 years ago
Dec. 31, 1987

A 31-year-old Chicago man was held on $226,000 bond after he allegedly held up a White Hen Pantry in the 10400 block of Cicero Avenue in Oak Lawn.

Alex Reid, of Chicago, entered the store at 11:22 a.m. Dec. 28, told the clerk it was a "stick up," and got away with $108 and a handful of lottery tickets that he had requested, police said.