88th Ave. set to re-open Dec. 7

By Kelly White

Barring delays because of infrastructure problems or weather, 88th Avenue through Palos Hills and Hickory Hills is scheduled to re-open early next month to two-way traffic.

The road, which has been under construction between 87th and 103rd Streets, should re-open no later than Dec. 7, according to Palos Hills Public Work director Dave Weakley. The project is an undertaking of the Cook County Highway Department, which should work not be completed would configure 88th Avenue so as to allow two-way traffic between 95th and 103rd streets.

“We were aiming for the end of November, but because of delays in Hickory Hills they have asked us to keep 88th Avenue only one-way up until Dec. 7,” said Palos Hills Mayor Jerry Bennett. “But, regardless, if they are not done in Hickory after Dec. 7 they did promise to open up our section of it.”

The road appears driveable as a two-way street but is not functioning as one yet.

“I know it looks like you can take it two ways, and there has even been some residents that have tried taking it two ways, and it’s just not very smart,” Bennett joked. “Let’s just give it seven more days past the deadline, and it will all be over.”