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News and events from our archives

50 years ago
Nov. 8, 1962

Chicago Ridge firefighters held a door-to-door fundraiser with the hope of securing $6,000 for a new ambulance. Firefighters hoped to get $3 from each household to pay for the ambulance with cash. The fire department had been using a 1958-model ambulance, but high maintenance costs led to a need for a replacement.


Worth resident Michael Nardi, the owner of a poodle, won the Best Experienced Dog Handler award from the Regional Dog Training Club.

25 years ago
Nov. 12, 1987

Students got a taste of what a real board meeting was like at a Youth Turnabout Day in Palos Hills, when they “filled in” for city officials during a City Council meeting.

The youths watched police officers carry a man from the building after he refused to stop speaking once his three-minute allotment during the meeting’s public period portion was up. The man, who had questions about a construction project at Stony Creek Park West, a former landfill, reportedly began yelling at city officials.


A local travel agent lost a bet with a popular radio personality, and had to stand on the corner of 95th Street and Cicero Avenue in his underwear for 15 minutes, causing traffic backups and the gathering of a large crowd.

WLUP morning radio host Jonathon Brandmeier bet Kenneth Redding, of Tinley Park, that the Chicago Bears would beat the Green Bay Packers. The Bears won, 26-24, and Redding lived up to his end of the bargain by standing on the street corner in his underwear. A crowd of people gawked from the White Castle parking lot at 95th Street and Cicero Avenue, then followed Redding to a White Hen Pantry in the 4500 block of 95th Street.

Oak Lawn police charged Redding with disorderly conduct, and when he didn’t have the $50 necessary to pay his bond, Brandmeier urged radio listeners to each donate $1 to pay the bond.

10 years ago
Nov. 7, 2002

Ed Maloney, a former principal at Brother Rice High School, was victorious in his campaign for state senator in Illinois’ 18th Senate District. Maloney, a Democrat, received 68.8 percent of the vote to Republican candidate Frank Bertucci’s 32.2 percent.


An 80-year-old Oak Lawn woman died on Halloween after the car she was driving ran a red light and was broadsided by a school bus carrying 25 St. Linus School students. Emily Cudek was pronounced dead at Christ Hospital.