Worth to begin booting vehicles

That belong to people with unpaid tickets

By Laura Bollin

Motorists with unpaid tickets from Worth and doing business in town might want to reconsider parking their cars for any extended length of time because the village’s police department is using the Denver boot in an attempt to collect from scofflaws.

Worth Police Chief Martin Knolmayer at the Village Board’s meeting Sept. 18 presented one of two orange boots and explained the village’s “boot ordinance”. Knolmayer noted anyone with three or more unpaid citations for offenses including red light violations or equipment violations is eligible to have his or her vehicle outfitted with the device, which prevents a car’s wheels from rotating. Motorists with five or more unpaid red light tickets will have their licenses suspended, Knolmayer said.

The police department sent out 750 notices to Worth residents three weeks ago. Notices were delivered to the owners to whom vehicles are registered. Persons with three tickets have 21 days to pay their fines before getting the boot, while those with five tickets have 45 days to pay their fines, Knolmayer said.

A number of people who received notices have contacted the collection agency hired by the village to collect the fines to settle their matters, Knolmayer said. The village has not yet booted anyone’s vehicle, he added.