District 230 tentative budget projects spending $120.6 mil

By Tara McManus

The High School District 230 tentative budget, adopted at a special school board meeting earlier this month, shows no increase in spending in the district’s operating funds for the current fiscal year.

The tentative budget anticipates operating revenues of $120.53 million and expenditures of $120.64 million, down from $120.99 million in spending last year.

This is the district’s eighth consecutive year with a balanced budget, according to Steve Langert, Assistant Superintendent for Business Services.

The state considers a balanced budget based on operating funds, according to Carla Erdey, district director of communications. The budget was balanced through shifting property tax revenues from the operation and maintenance fund, as well as the working cash fund, two funds that don’t count towards a balanced budget, into operating funds. Controlling expenditures also played a part in balancing the budget.

The special board of education meeting was held on Aug. 14 to ensure that the tentative budget would be available more than 30 days before its adoption at the school board meeting on Sept. 27, Superintendent James Gay said.

By law, the tentative budget must be available for 30 days for public inspection. The draft budget is available for inspection on the district’s website,

Total revenue for the fiscal year that began July 1 is projected to be $120.53 million, compared to $121.16 million last year. The tentative budget projects a loss of $3.3 million in state-aid revenue. Langert said this was the most the district had lost in state revenue, compared to a loss last year of $1 million.

The majority was lost from the education fund, Langert said. The board cut the operations and maintenance fund by $3 million and the working cash fund by $2.4 million to make up for the loss. Langert said they were able to do this by spending less on capital improvements, which comes from operations and maintenance funds.

“Statewide $350 million was lost. All schools are seeing cuts,” Langert said.

The district is expecting to see $2.6 million in revenues from the schools’ food program. Another $1.4 million in revenue will come from registration at Sandburg, Stagg, and Andrew.

Total salaries for instruction will be $68 million, and benefits will be $13 million. Supplies expenditures will increase 8.1 percent to $611,663 due to textbook increases.

The budget is scheduled to be finalized and adopted at the September school board meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 27, at Andrew High School, 9001 W. 171st St. in Tinley Park. The next school board meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 30, at the District 230 Administration Center, 15100 S. 94th Ave. in Orland Park.