District 124 buys 60 iPads

By Jessie Molloy

The Evergreen Park School District 124 board of education plans to buy 60 iPads that will be used in technology classes next school year.

Thirty of the iPads will travel between Northwest and Northeast elementary schools with technology teacher Allison Pleser, and the other 30 will move between Southwest and Southeast schools with teacher Monica Carey, said Assistant Superintendent Kathy Hatczel.

Former District 124 Superintendent Diane Cody approved the purchase of the iPads after receiving requests from Pleser and Carey, who wanted to be able to continue teaching when the schools’ computer labs were being used for MAP testing. The iPads will be made available for checkout by other teachers who wish to use them for class projects. Teachers who wish to use the devices will have to complete a training session and reserve them for specified days.

The district has not finalized what sort of applications it will acquire for the devices.

“I’m excited about the iPads,” said Hatczel. “I think it’s a step in the right direction as multimedia becomes more stressed in the common core curriculum.”

In addition to the technology update, the board last week discussed additions to the RtI intervention program. District schools will this year focus on integrating math curriculum into the program along with the established reading program. The intervention program will be used to help both accelerated learning students and special needs students get the individualized attention they need in the classroom, according to district officials.