Wood chipper in action

  • Written by Kelly White

  The Palos Hills Public Works Department’s chipper service is preparing to provide service to single-family homes this summer.

  The chipper began making its rounds beginning this week and continuing until mid-November.
  Service cycles normally begin on a Monday unless there is a holiday. Homeowners are asked to place branches at the edge of the road by Monday morning, and to avoid putting branches out before the designated pickup week or after the truck has serviced homes on the street. Branch piles can cause storm water drainage problems or block the view of motorists and pedestrians, according to city officials.
  The chipper service is not available to businesses, townhomes, condominiums, apartments or homes under construction, not approved for occupancy properties or parking lots. The chipper service will not dispose of branches placed at the edge of the roadway by contractors or professional tree trimmers.
  Branches should be cut to a minimum length of 4 feet long and a maximum length of 6 feet long with a maximum diameter of 10 inches. Branches larger than 10 inches in diameter must be cut into pieces 18 to 24 inches long. Root balls and logs will be picked up upon request by calling City Hall. The cost is $5 per log and $10 dollars per root ball, which will be added onto the resident’s water bill. Any materials other than properly cut branches will be left for the resident to dispose of.
  Branches should be neatly stacked and placed three feet from the edge of the roadway, with the cut ends of the branches facing the roadway. Improperly stacked branch piles, piles that are cross-stacked or bird nest stacked, will be passed by and will not be picked up until they are properly restacked, city officials stated.

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