Ridge gives son of Roche more time to address violations

  • Written by Kevin M. Coyne

The Chicago Ridge Village Board has given the son of a property owner three more weeks to address a laundry list of violations on the land in the village’s industrial park.

The decision to allow Mike Roche Jr. to resolve the remaining 15 items on village Building Commissioner Rich Sumner’s list of problems at the site, 10014 Andersen Ave. Roche Jr. must also provide the village a signed contract detailing a timeline for repaving the property. 

Roche’s father has for years raised the ire of trustees with his failure to properly maintain the land, which he leases to numerous businesses including trucking companies. The elder Roche has been repeatedly cited and fined, and the village has threatened on multiple occasions to revoke his business license.

Roche Jr. on June 11 told the board he would be at the property every day working tirelessly to clean up the site to the village’s standards, and while acknowledging he would not be able to resolve every violation by June 25 would “put a big dent in” the list.

Chicago Ridge Mayor Chuck Tokar at Tuesday’s Village Board meeting said Roche Jr. has made progress since June 11.

“Roche Jr. has done a substantial amount of cleanup the last couple of weeks,” Tokar said. “Not all of the 15 things have been completed but he’s made some headway.”

In light of the work Roche Jr. has completed, trustees have given him until July 16 to get everything to code and provide the village with a contract or proposal outlining the completion date for the repaving of the lot. Sumner provided the board before-and-after photos showing the progress Riche Jr. has made.

“Three weeks from now everything needs to be 100 percent complete, not 99 percent complete,” Trustee Dan Badon told Roche Jr.

Roche Jr. said he will have a contract within “the next couple of weeks,” but that the entire lot will not be paved this year

“The paving is the last thing on our list,” he added. 

Village code requires the site to be graded and paved with a single layer of asphalt, according to Trustee Jack Lind.

“We’re not going to get the paving we want, that’s not going to happen, so either we be honest about it and make these changes and go along with it, or do like we recently said and stop the madness,” Lind said.

Casey Czochara, the owner of CMD Conveyor, said he will move his business from the property within the next six months and will help remove the trucks and containers that are preventing Roche Jr. from paving the entire site. Czochara pleaded with the village to give Roche additional time to produce a contract with a completion date for the paving.

“Our issue has never been with the businesses, the question has been with the property,” said Badon. “I’d give them the three weeks … they need to complete this and come back with a contract that shows a deposit and a completion date for the asphalt.”