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Health tips from Cousin Norb

 This is partially anecdotal, but it’s multi-anecdotal. I find the information plausible both from the numbers and recent published studies.
  My interest began when a neighbor stopped me to relate what she considered lifesaving information that she received from her cousin. She explained she had a clogged artery and the doctors had been watching it.
  She told me the blockage is now gone and that her 82-year-old cousin, Norb, advised her to obtain pectin. You know, the kind used for jams and canning— just plain citrus pectin. Pectin is a soluble fiber found in fruits. Norb told her he had a blockage and it was gone within a year after he took pectin every day.
  I have written of modified citrus pectin (MCP) being used for numerous health issues including both cancer and detoxifying as well as for cleansing arteries. MCP is presently being used in trials as an adjunct to treatment against prostate cancer. MCP acts as an anti-angiogenesis agent to stop tumors from obtaining blood supplies, but I was interested in Norb’s experience with the less expensive plain pectin.
  I met with Norb. He has a full head of hair and doesn’t look like an 82-year-old. He has been a world traveler and enjoyed learning of natural healing methods from around the world. His story is amazing. He is, for all intents and purposes, his family’s physician. He shared story after story about how pectin has provided tremendous healing for his family and friends. He believes it helps arthritis as well. He has been taking it for many years and told me whenever he becomes too busy and forgets to take it for more than a few weeks, he sees negative changes in his own health.
  Norb explained his brother had prostate cancer and a prostate specific antigen (PSA) of 27 but wasn’t a candidate for chemotherapy. Norb told his brother to ask his doctor if he could take pectin and the doctor said it wouldn’t harm a thing. In four months his brother’s PSA was down to 17, and it was progressively reduced and then gone. His brother’s doctor told him to continue whatever it was he was doing. It seemed too easy.
  I decided I would search to see if there were any studies on pectin for prostate cancer or any other diseases. Sure enough, I found studies from 2007 and 2010 that indicated there was a 40 percent cell death among prostate cancer cells after use of pectin. Pectin did not harm healthy cells, just cancer cells. There is an ongoing study using pectin as an adjunct to the cancer drug doxyrubicinn. The developer of MCP has issued a press release on both the study and the latest information indicating the MCP form of pectin is useful for preventing hardening of the arteries.
  Additionally, The European Safety Authority, a counterpart to our own FDA, proclaimed pectin reduced cholesterol levels.
  Always consult your physician before taking anything natural or herbal, especially if you are on medications, but these recent reports are pointing to opening another natural door to healing without surgery. Please let me know if you happen to be using either the MCP form or plain pectin. I would like to hear feedback.

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