Dee Woods: A massage at the cellular level

By Dee Woods

One of the most innovative physicians in the alternative movement is Dr. Robert Rowen, who in his January newsletter writes of an exciting healing device akin to Doc McCoy's healing machine on Star Trek.

Rowen was the first to write about the tissue-healing power of FSM (frequency specific microcurrent), but microcurrent healing has greatly improved since then.

The latest innovation is known as PEMF (pulsating electromagnetic fields). These are nothing even similar to the EMFs of cell phones or wi-fi. They are nontoxic electromagnetic pulses that appear to make human cells function more efficiently.

Rowen writes, "PEMF is the subject of intense research. There are literally thousands of university reports on its values. Even when I was in training way back in 1965 we knew that PEMF could greatly aid fracture healing even in difficult-to-fix-complex fractures. The fields simply stimulate bone cells to grow and do their healing thing at the fracture site."

PEMF seems to have come a long way and in more recent studies, it was used against both placebo and steroid injections. According to Rowen, PEMF recipients obtained far greater reduction of pain. He explained the study indicated the PEMF stimulated cultured fibroblasts to make more collagen. It would be great for ligaments and tendons, according to Rowen. The system was even useful against diabetic neuropathy because it helps repair nerves in just a few weeks. Rowen calls the system a massage for your cell membranes.

Rowen writes, "Studies have shown that PEMF helps improve the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome in 93 percent of users, and in 83 percent of those with rotator cuff tendonitis (shoulder). Migraine sufferers can expect total improvement in 73 percent, with 45 percent of users getting substantial improvement in just three weeks of use.

"A recent study found that PEMF induces remyelinization of nerve fibers in experimental rats by recruiting stem cell friends in the brain to do the repair! This bodes well for neurological problems. And another one showed that PEMF can accelerate cell differentiation and repair."

Just imagine how wonderful that would be for those with neurological diseases such as Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis.

Another of Rowen's comments about PEMF was very noteworthy: "Cells degenerating toward cancer have a considerable rise in their voltage. PEMF improves the flux of electrons across and through your cell membrane, improving the critical negative charge. Cell health is directly related to this negative membrane electric potential. That's why we see great literature confirming PEMF use in reducing pain and inflammation, increasing range of motion, less muscle loss after surgery, more tensile strength in ligaments, faster healing of skin wounds, enhanced capillary formation, accelerated nerve regeneration and bone healing, less tissue death, etc. The improved membrane charge enhances DNA function!"

The machine is not as costly as most hospital equipment. Some doctors already have the equipment in their offices. It would be great to have physicians all over the country using this equipment. There is even a smaller model for home use at about $1,000. These are the types of non-invasive healing we all need to explore. The machine is known as the Soma-Pulse, and you may want to encourage your own physician to seek information on the system and its function. Soma-Pulse manufacturer can be reached at (888) 926-5006.

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