Dee Woods: A quest to create a healthy America

By Dee Woods

I attended a most interesting event last Friday. It was a TED conference in Naperville.

TED is an organization that highlights the latest in technology, education, innovative sciences and novel concepts. It’s a vessel through which people can share ideas. It’s a big deal to be invited to speak, and it requires genuine innovation to speak at these events.

Among the excellent participants who were invited to speak at the event was our own Dr. John Principe, whose topic was “Recipe for a Healthy America.” Principe brought the crowd to its feet after his most exciting presentation, during which he spoke of the need to address the unfortunate failures of modern medicine. He highlighted his unique approach of creating a kitchen in which to educate his patients on how to prepare healthy foods. He also offers exercise classes and yoga in his quest to create a healthy America.

Principe is discouraged by the inclination of many of today’s physicians to prescribe a pill for every ill. In addition to his medical education he is a chef, which gives him the ability to create healthy, wonderful tasting meals. I know because I’ve attended many of his dinners.

Principe explained the dilemma that America’s doctors are facing today. They are under the gun and have very little time to spend with patients. It’s difficult to treat patients nutritionally when physicians receive so little nutritional education and have so little time. Doctors advise patients to stop smoking, exercise and eat properly, but there’s no incentive because most patients don’t understand the proper food preparation as well as what nutrients they really need. Sadly, many patients believe in pill therapy.

Principe spoke of the coming shortage of physicians as we adopt the Affordable Care Act, and how it will be imperative for patients to prevent disease themselves as much as they are able. He pointed out how rapidly Type-2 diabetes is proliferating in the United States, mostly because of poor diet.

Principe’s innovative concept of showing his patient’s how to care for themselves, and working alongside them to assure they learn, enjoy life and eat properly, is making news around the world. He offers a six-week “Roadmap to Wellness” program, cooking classes, excellent dinners and lunches that provide both health and enjoyment for all of his attendees. He is attempting to be at the forefront of the battle to create a healthy America.

As I observed the spellbound audience, I noted they would nod when he made a point about the problems physicians face today. Doctors are overworked because we have a crop of citizens that have never really been properly instructed on how to live a healthy lifestyle. We have a great deal of obesity that leads to the disease process.

Unfortunately, many people are prescribed medications rather than instructed how to prevent disease through proper eating and exercising. Principe explains you can tell people to eat right, but a hands-on program such as his allows him to interact with his patients while observing their improvement.

There is a camaraderie among the people in his classes. They really do appear to be having a good time. When he has his dining nights out, he often highlights a particular region of the world and highlights the best aspects of the diets in those regions. It is history, geography and a great dining experience.

All in all, Dr. Principe is truly a man ahead of his time and he’s making the right kind of waves to create a healthy America. You can sign up for his bulletins and announcements, and his newsletter includes tips and recipes. I would suggest all readers do so. He includes recipes and information on all of his many upcoming events. You can obtain his bulletins at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Congratulations, Dr. Principe on your ever growing flock and your amazing vision for America!

Dee Woods is available to give presentations about alternative health treatments and healthy living. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .