The Wine Guy: Get your daily shot of liquid gold

The Wine Guy
with Anthony Scarano

Olive oil is nothing less than liquid gold. People of yesteryear cooked with lard and butter, which provide tasty food but are not good for health, particularly the heart and cardiovascular system but the brain and immune system as well. Modern science has educated us on the ailments caused by consuming animal fats.

Fortunately, we can replace lard and butter with olive oil, which the people of the Mediterranean have used since as early as 8000 BC. So widespread was the use of this miraculous natural product and so important was it that olive oil, along with garlic, have been found in Egyptian tombs and pyramids.

Olive trees can live for more than 1,000 years. These ancient trees, which grow best in ho climates, need very little water and can regenerate damaged limbs. In much this same way olive oil can repair a damaged body, and prevent sickness and disease from taking hold. Ancient peoples used olive oil to counteract poisons, treat insect bites and headaches, and as a digestive aid and stomach soother. They rubbed it on their faces top prevent dry skin and wrinkles, and to treat acne. They combed it through their hair to make it appear shiny and to eliminate dandruff. They strengthened their nails by soaking them in the oil, and massaged it on their bodies to ease aching muscles.

Olive oil is yielded by pressing the rich leaves with steel rollers, which produces a juice known as cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Unpressed leaves can be steeped in hot water brew a tea that can help lower blood pressure. The oil may also prevent and treat heart disease, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome, inflammation and obesity, even diabetes and cancer. It can be dropped in the nose to clear nasal passages.

Today, erectile dysfunction drugs such as Cialis and Viagra are huge seller, bringing in millions of dollars every year to giant pharmaceutical companies who want people to believe they need those drugs to have sex. Olive oil, however, is a natural penile erection enhancer that costs way less.

The Mediterraneans have provided us so much knowledge about foods and their medicinal value. They ate what grew or lived naturally in the region, but it just so happens that the foods they ate — whole grains, fruits, vegetables, herbs, olive oil, wine, fish — are the perfect foods for the human body. These foods thin the blood, prevent clotting and clumping, dilate blood vessels and promote healthy weight loss. They provide pretty much all the nutrients the body needs for optimum performance.

Anthony Scarano is not a doctor. He is an 88-year-old Evergreen Park resident, winemaker and certified naturopath. Suggestions in this space are solely the opinions of Mr. Scarano based on years of independent study and personal experience, and may not be beneficial to health. Wine should be consumed in moderation, as overindulgence may be harmful to health.