Dee Woods: Study yields scary truth about GMO foods

By Dee Woods

I don’t remember ever seeing a “red alert” on any food or product, but Dr. Joseph Mercola issued an alert last weekend on genetically modified (GMO) corn. The results of long-term studies are in and the results are tragic. They appeared in the publication “Food and Chemical Toxicology.”

It was the first life-long study of rats that were fed GMO corn. For two years, rats fed GMO corn as 11 percent of their overall diet suffered massive tumors and organ damage. Another group was fed Monsanto’s RoundUp weed killer (the amount considered safe for human consumption). Both groups of rats experienced devastating results.

In order to obtain Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, only 90-day studies are required in the U.S. The French life-long studies indicated that the major problems with health were associated with consuming the GMO corn occurred after 90 days.

In fact, in the two-year study, 50 percent of male rats and 70 percent of female rats died very prematurely when compared to the control group (30 percent of males and 20 percent of females). As a result of the French study, a call for a probe and legislation to ban GMO products is being considered. The study could lead to a ban on Monsanto’s GMO foods in Europe.

GMO corn in the United States is fed to pigs chickens and dairy cows. The FDA does not require independent studies, but there can be no independent studies because GMO foods are patented and any “independent” studies would violate the Monsanto patents.

Not only has genetically modified food created health problems, but new weeds and new fungi have developed in response to the RoundUp Ready food products. It is similar to the overuse of antibiotics, the abuse and overuse of which has created drug resistant superbugs.

I immediately contacted Palos Heights resident Sue Busen, an author and researcher of GMO foods. Busen explained, “RoundUp is an herbicide, normally killing any plants. But in RoundUp Ready corn, the corn plants incorporate RoundUp into themselves, so they have residues of RoundUp and it’s metabolites in the plants. So just by eating the GMO RoundUp Ready corn, we are consuming RoundUp.

“ What happens after the crop is planted and weeds start to grow, the farmer can now douse the crop with RoundUp and it will kill all weeds, but not the RoundUp Ready corn.”

America is plagued with a huge increase in allergies and asthma (as I wrote of last week), and a partial explanation appears in Busen’s own research.

“ In my business, where I have been conducting sensitivity screening on both humans and animals, I have seen a huge increase in sensitivities to soy, corn and canola,” she said. “Our bodies can no longer tolerate these foods. When we ingest something, our body must first decide if it is a food which will be digested and will yield nutrients to be assimilated, or if it is a poison that needs to be detoxified. In my opinion, from my years of research and studying GMOs, I feel that our bodies see GMO ingredients as toxins. We are under constant assault from GMO foods. The process of genetically engineering foods produces massive collateral damage in our bodies.”

We Americans have the right to know which foods we consume are GMO. Those who trust GMO may wish to eat the food, while others should have a right to choose. Many people in many countries have that opportunity and we should as well. Presently, nothing is labeled.

Next week I will cover the shocking reasons we seem to be guinea pigs and why so many experts believe we are being kept in the dark about GMO foods. We need to know which foods are GMO. This is serious business and if we can put ourselves and those we love ahead of the issue, we will all be better off for it.

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