The Wine Guy - Nine years later, still going strong

  • Written by Anthony Scarano

  In July 2004, the first article about the health benefits of wine was published in the newspaper. The editor at the time — Jason Maholy, who is still the editor — thought it was an interesting subject and decided to print it. The articles continued, and soon began to include the health benefits and miraculous medicinal qualities of not only wine but fruits, vegetables, herbs and other whole, natural foods.
  This was not the first time articles about the health benefits of wine and other medicinal foods was ever published, but it is safe to say the media scarcely covered the subject nine years ago. When we read the sporadic article, it was usually about how some new study determined something we knew was bad for you was bad for you. The great properties of natural foods was not widely recognized, but it is obvious to me that other people read our articles and woke up. Today, you cannot make it through any publication any day of the week without seeing an article about food and how it relates to health. These stories are in newspapers and magazines, and on TV.

  We also called attention to the importance of cleansing the colon by eating whole, fibrous foods — in other words, fruits and vegetables. This is so crucial to health because the sludge the can build up in the gut contributes to constipation, sickness and chronic illness. Since this article began appearing in this paper, it has become common knowledge through other media that a clean colon contributes to good health.
  Once in a while this article will miss a week, for whatever reason, and when that happens people notice. We get phone calls asking ‘what happened to The Wine Guy?’ Thank you for your concern and for your readership, I am doing well and going strong. The popularity of this column is nothing less than astounding, and with the help of divine providence may it continue to help educate and entertain you for many more years.
  A great many thanks must be given to editor Jason Maholy, who saw that I had knowledge to offer that is helpful to many people who are trying to live healthier lives.

Anthony Scarano is not a doctor. He is an 88-year-old Evergreen Park resident, winemaker and certified naturopath. Suggestions in this space are solely the opinions of Mr. Scarano based on years of independent study and personal experience, and may not be beneficial to health. Wine should be consumed in moderation, as overindulgence may be harmful to health.