God’s son enjoyed God’s gift to us

Best of The Wine Guy


  Many people, for various reasons — religious, health or otherwise — question whether they should drink wine. Some believe wine to be no different than other alcoholic beverages, and that imbibing is morally wrong, dangerous or unhealthy.

  Well, wine is not wrong, dangerous or unhealthy if drunk in moderation. Drinking too much water can kill you, which just goes to prove all things, even those most essential to life, must be done in moderation.

  If everyone understood the health benefits of wine and that it can be a part of the daily diet with no adverse health effects, the world would be a healthier, happier place. It is a clinically-proven fact that wine can help people live longer, healthier lives than teetotalers.

  This drink has existed for thousands of years and was referred to by the ancients as “God’s gift to man.” Archeologists have found paintings on cave walls depicting people pouring wine, and in the time of Jesus Christ wine was a valuable commodity.

  In case you haven’t heard, Jesus himself was a wine drinker. He held it in such high regard he used it as a metaphor for his blood at the Last Supper, and turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana in what was his first miracle. The Jewish authorities at the time even tried to defame Jesus and discourage this rebel’s popularity by pointing out he drank wine. If it was good enough for Jesus, is it not good enough for you?

  What is wine? Well, we all know it is fermented grape juice. It contains dissolved iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamins A, B and C – which are easily absorbed by the body -- and is good for the heart, blood vessels and blood. It contains carbohydrates and is a good source of energy, and because of its iron content is an effective treatment for anemia. It may even prevent cancer and heart disease, and lower blood pressure, as well as prevent and treat more everyday maladies such as constipation, dyspepsia, pimples and poor appetite.

  These facts are now after many years being publicized, and wine is growing in popularity as it is being recognized as a food and medicine. Countries all over the world are now growing grapes for winemaking, which is a multi-billion dollar industry.

  You don’t have to start drinking wine if you don’t want to — you will survive and can still live a happy, healthy life if you take care of yourself. But think of all the benefits wine has. If you don’t drink it, it is your loss.

  I would like to add that a friend of mine, Arturo Penna, of Chicago, will be leaving soon for a vacation during which he will visit Mexico City and Italy. We wish him a safe and enjoyable journey.

Anthony Scarano is not a doctor. He is an Evergreen Park resident, winemaker and certified naturopath. Suggestions in this space are solely the opinions of Mr. Scarano based on years of independent study and personal experience, and may not be beneficial to health. Wine should be consumed in moderation, as overindulgence may be harmful to health.