Youths find eggcitement at Frontier Fieldhouse

Youths scramble for plastic eggs during the Chicago Ridge Park District

Brian Deuter of Chicago Ridge helped his son, Charlie, 1, fill their basket with eggs. Photos by Kevin Coyne

By Kevin M. Coyne

  Hunting for eggs, hanging out with the Easter bunny, designing colorful bonnets and enjoying quality family time was on the agenda last Saturday at the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge.
  An estimated 150 people attended the Chicago Ridge residents-only event, at which the main attraction was the Easter egg hunt. Youths scrambled though a large pit filled with hay as they attempted to gather the colorful prize-filled ellipses.

  “It’s a great free event for the kids and the community to come out and enjoy,” said Chicago Ridge Park District recreation superintendent Dominic Malito. “We have a nice crowd this year and the event is great, especially a free event in our current economy, and the kids are having a lot of fun.”
  Children of all ages dug through the hay, submitted creatively designed bonnets in a bonnet contest, played on inflatable attractions, and entered a jelly beans-guessing contest.

  “It never gets old…It’s always fun to dig through the hay and find eggs,” said Paula Murray of Chicago Ridge. “We used to come to this when we were kids and the Easter egg hunt is always the best part of the day.”
  Lojan Demian, 5, was among the waves upon waves of children who stormed the hay pit.
  “I don’t know how many eggs I got but I am having a lot of fun,” Lojansaid.
  Abagail Nowatski, 2, said all morning that she was going to “go shopping” for Easter eggs, according to her aunt, Jen Herodes.
  One of the most popular events besides the egg hunt is the raffle drawing.
  “The kids love the raffle, guessing the number of Jelly Beans in a jar; what kid doesn’t love candy, and they love getting the eggs out of the hay,” said Chicago Ridge Park District secretary Jody Murphy. “The bonnet contest is something we’ve always done and it’s part of the Easter tradition for girls to wear bonnets during Easter.”