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50 years ago
March 21, 1963
  Sandburg High School students played an unusual game of basketball: students and coaches not only played against one another, but rode donkeys while traversing the court. The students won 12-10 against the coaches and the game was sponsored by the Sandburg Boosters Club.
  Chicago Ridge Police are investigating claims of an obscene movie that was shown at Starlite Outdoor Theatre at 95th Street and Ridgeland Avenue. Four residents reported seeing images of nude women on the outdoor screen while driving down Ridgeland Avenue; and one woman reported her 12-year-old son saw the images.

25 years ago
March 24, 1988
  Worth Township donated $1,000 to the Veterans Memorial Foundation, which planned to create a veterans memorial at 111th Street and Harlem Avenue.
  Hickory Hills Police Chief Peter Hurst said the city needed to create long range financial plans in order to get businesses interested in moving to the village. Hurst suggested creating three-year budget projections and six-year capital improvement projections so those interested in opening a business in Hickory Hills could see where the city was headed.