Public works was ready for snow storm

Palos Hills public works commissioner tells City Council

By Kelly White

Mother Nature blanketed the area with eight inches of wet, heavy snow last week during the most significant storm this winter here.

In Palos Hills, the Public Works Department was prepared. Working alongside the Palos Hills Police Department, Public Works Commissioner Dave Weakley sent his men to the most problematic areas of the city. With snow continuously falling for roughly 18 hours on March 5, public works employees were out all day, Weakley told the City Council at its meeting last Thursday. All four of the city’s public works trucks used for plowing snow were sent out during the storm.

“I would really like to thank our Public Works Department for a job well done,” Palos Hills Mayor Jerry Bennett said. “Not only were our trucks out there immediately during the storm, they stayed out there continuously all day for constant snow removal, making driving possible for our residents that absolutely needed to that day. Our crews always go above and beyond a lot of other towns by always staying on top of what needs to be done.”

Bennett received phone calls from a handful of residents late on Tuesday night, thanking him for keeping the roads safe, he said.

“They couldn’t believe how quickly we got the roads cleared and they were just calling to express their gratitude to the Public Works Department,” he added.

Weakley emphasized the most important thing for public works to focus on during the storm was keeping the roads safe and drivable. He hopes that since March has “come in like a lion, she will leave like a lamb,” he said.

Public works has been busy performing maintenance work throughout the city including routing and painting of the city’s sanitary sewer lift stations and potable water-pumping stations; trimming parkway trees; removing buckthorn and weeds at the city-owned Palos Hills Country Club; and repairing street lights and repairing pot holes.

Palos Hills has in the past year been having problems with water leaks. Results of a survey conducted last year have not yet been submitted for review; however, 20 water leaks have been detected and public works is in the process of completing the repairs, Weakley said. He plans to submit the survey results to the City Council at a meeting later this month.