Mr. and Miss Deeds

Shepard High School students Mike Andrasco, Ariana Brook, Xavier Bumpers, Ariana Cisneros, Emilie Crofton, Jenifer Fitzgerald, Zaira Gomez, Kelly Kozlowski, Tiffany Moreno, Noah Oprodek, Nathan Oquendo, Jennifer Rodriguez, Adam Samad, Davina Sanchez, Chris Verdin, and Amy Weiss were recognized for acts of kindness, maturity, generosity, and good character with a Good Deeds Breakfast. The students did such things as taking a lost purse to security, and returning cell phones and a backpack.

Dearion Stokes and Nick Loquercio faced tough decisions that required quick thought and action. Stokes intervened in a fight that a female teacher could not break up, and Loquercio who prevented a fight from happening.