Walgreens to pay for fences in Evergreen

By Laura Bollin

A Walgreens will stand at the southeast corner of 95th Street and Pulaski Road in Evergreen Park by the end of 2013, and residents in the Crawford Gardens subdivision will have privacy fences built along their property lines to shield their views of the drug store parking lot.

Walgreens will pay for the privacy wall, which will be eightfeet high prefabricated fences or concrete walls and erected along the south side of the Walgreens property, from Harding Avenue to Pulaski Road, according to Evergreen Park Mayor Jim Sexton. Fences will be adjacent to residential driveways, according to the village's ordinance.

Village trustees on Feb. 18 voted to adopt an to vacate the alleys near Walgreens south of 95th Street east of Pulaski Road, and west of Harding Avenue. Walgreens paid the village $150,000 for use of the alleys, Sexton said.

"Rather than give a big corporation something for nothing, we decided we would charge them," Sexton said.

Walgreens will also pay for cul-de-sac improvements at 95th Street and Harding Avenue. The cul-de-sac will be one-way northbound, and will be a "pork chop" turnaround intended to prevent cars leaving Walgreens from going south on Harding Avenue, Sexton said. The village does not want Walgreens customers driving through the adjacent residential neighborhood.

The store is expected to generate between $80,000 and $100,000 in annual sales tax revenues for the village, Sexton said.