What do you say?

What was your reaction to the meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia?

(Asked at the Oak Lawn Public Library)

Faith Flores,
Blue Island

"It really left me in awe of our planet."

Kali Pytel,
Evergreen Park

"I think they need to do a better job of warning people. I felt like no one knew about it. They should have evacuated where it was going to hit."

Lourdes Garcia,
Oak Lawn

"I think it would be horrifying if I had to live there. It makes you think that a meteorite could hit anywhere in this world. If a big meteorite hit, it would be catastrophic. Like the dinosaurs, life may perish."

Peter Setaro,
Oak Lawn

"I think it was awesome."

Tom Matthews,
Evergreen Park

"It was bad. There should have been a lot more warning."