What do you say?

Will you miss the mail being delivered on Saturdays?

(Asked at Saturday's Orland Township Town Hall meeting with Dan Lipinski)

Chris Mercouris,
Orland Park

"Definitely. We shouldn't be in a situation like this if the Postal Service watched its finances."

Kathleen Kessel,
Orland Park

"It doesn't matter to me. If they are suffering, that's not a bad solution.''

Richard Steelman,
formerly known as Paul Cervenka, Orland Park

"Probably not. When you weigh it, good and bad, it's probably necessary what they are doing."

George Dvorak,
Indian Head Park

"Not at all. There's not that much mail on Saturday. When I worked in Chicago, we had two deliveries on weekdays and one on Saturdays and it didn't make a difference to our business."

Billye Dvorak,
Indian Head Park

"No because I think we need to save a little money somewhere. This is a good way to do it, I think."