What do you say?

With Super Bowl parties coming up, what makes a great chili?

(Asked to contestants from all over the country at the Chilly Willie Chili Challenge in Orland Park)

Jim Stoddard,
Coppell, Texas

"Salt. That's the secret. Salt pops up the flavor. That's the single most important ingredient.''

Jose Torres,
Orland Park

"The secret is good meat and good spices. If you use bad meat or a cheap cut of meat, it will be greasy and grisly."

Lauren Ray,
Livonia, Mich.

"You have to make sure the meat is not too mushy. The freshness of the spices, for sure. And you have to have the right amount of salt seems to be a real big kicker."

Loretta Torres,
Orland Park

"It can't be too spicy. Just a little burn on your lips. It has to have a nice flavor - it can't be all about being hot."

Tom Heiser,
Madison, Wis.

"Ohhhhhh…top-notch ingredients. I get my chili powder shipped in from New Mexico. I don't use the cheap, store-bought powder."