Too easy. That's the conclusion we've come to regarding last week's "Whatizit?" In fact, some of you readers were so bold as to say that yourselves. Well then, maybe we should make things a bit more challenging. So you knew it was pizza, but from where? See, we could make this totally unfair if we wanted to. But before we do that, let's acknowledge those who knew the answer. Kristen Gute, Gene Sikora, Pat Kopchar, Dana Oswald, Jan Merchantz, Dan and Laura Heneghan, Beverly Yazumbeck, The Gabriel family, Tom Kucharski, Steve Rosenbaum, Janice Mastro, Al Kasper, James M. Wucka, Linda and Russ Martin, Michael and Linda Denham, Lisa Wermes, Donna Hirsch, Elizabeth Hardin, Tom McAvoy, Bernadette Pratl, Jack and Griffin Burke Faddis, Marilyn Gutierrez, Bella Fruendt, Theresa and George Rebersky, Bonnie Price,Ellen Reddington, Mike O'Shoughnessy, Jane Foley, Celeste Cameron, Patricia Evers, Kailyn Lapinski, Dan and Kathy Higgins, Arlene O'Connor, Lois Faragher, Sandy Joiner, Carol and Jerry Janicki, Patty Vandenberg, Shirley Ivers, Bill Ivers, and Debbie and Jon Gruver. I'm pretty sure that's a record. Man, we have to make this more difficult just so I don't have to type so many freaking names!

We would also like to apologize to Vince Vizza of Evergreen Park, who knew the previous week's answer but was not recognized for it. Readers, please don't include quotes around Whatizit? on the subject line of your emails. Your response is more likely to be missed if you do that.

This week's clue is: Some don't need it. Send responses to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. under the subject Whatizit? and include your first and last names and where you live.