What do you say?

"What do you think of the Chicago Bears new head coach Marc Trestman?"

(Asked at the Chicago Ridge Mall)

Diane Gaston,

"I really liked Lovie Smith, so I don't know about this coach. I was a fan of Lovie's, because I love the Chicago Bears, and Chicago is my home."

Bill Heide,
Palos Hills

"I like him. He's been around and he knows what direction he's going."

Linda Heide,
Palos Hills

"I love him. He has a proven record in Canada. He's what we need to fix our offense."

Robert Vanetten,
New Lenox

"I don't know much about this new coach yet, but I hated Lovie Smith. He needed to go. When your own team is asking you to be tougher on them, it's time for a new coach."

Mike Edgeworth,
Evergreen Park

"I just hope the new coach does a better job than Lovie Smith. Lovie was not aggressive enough."