'Enchanted' dresses flying off shelves

After fashion show in Hickory Hills

By Laura Bollin

It appears the magic of Disney may be with the owner of a Worth boutique.

As the new year turned and young ladies across the southwest suburbs start thinking about prom, dress merchants began promoting in earnest their latest fashions. Ann Crockett, the owner of That Girl, 11359 Harlem Ave., held a fashion show last Saturday at Chateau Del Mar in Hickory Hills to debut Disney's Forever Enchanted dress line. Ever after, girls have been coming into the boutique "non-stop" to find the perfect prom dress, Crocket said.

"We have had a couple of hundred people in the store today," she said Tuesday. "They're all in here now. It's packed. It's crazy in here."

Crockett, who has been holding fashion shows for 42 years and was once a prom dress model, said the fashion show was "unbelievable."

"We had 500 people show up," Crockett said. "It was moms and their daughters, and a lot of dads, too."

Area high school students posed as models for the afternoon that displayed 180 dresses. Some were from the Forever Enchanted collection, and others were from the Xcite prom collection featuring cut-outs, sequins, and printed and rainbow dresses.

"There were quite a few dresses everyone liked," Crockett said. "Everyone liked the mermaid dresses, especially those in champagne and gold."

The Forever Enchanted collection feature seven designs inspired by "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves." The Red Delicious collection are gowns inspired by the poisoned apple the Evil Queen gives Snow White, others are reminiscent of the famous mirror, or the flowers near the dwarves' cottage.

Prices range from $310 for a long, strapless pale yellow gown with a silver star made of crystals, to $738 for black-and-purple textured ball gown with a black ribbon around the waist and silver and purple sequins at the top of the dress. Crockett has sold about 30 Disney dresses since the show.

"These dresses are flying off of the shelves," Crockett said. "I would definitely do it again. I'd do it in a heartbeat."