Oak Lawn man charged with burglary in Orland

A 53-year-old Oak Lawn man has been charged with two counts of residential burglary in connection with a burglary that took place last summer in Orland Park and fall in Burr Ridge.

Kenneth N. Jackson, of the 9800 block of South Keeler Avenue, was arrested near his home Wednesday last week and charged with two counts of residential burglary related to the residential burglary in Orland Park in the 14800 block of 108th Avenue, and a home burglary in Burr Ridge last October, police said.

Police believe Jackson is responsible for two other home burglaries in Orland Park, and numerous other attempts, Orland Park police Cmdr. John Keating said.

Jackson would almost always enter unlocked rear doors of homes in the early morning hours while residents of the home were asleep, Keating said.

Jackson was being held on $100,000 bond for each burglary and has a return court date of Feb. 2 in Bridgeview, Court Room 103 at 9 a.m., Keating said.

Cmdr. Keating said investigators were able to track where Jackson sold items taken in both burglaries before he was arrested near his home.

Last Aug. 22 at about 2 a.m., Orland Park Police responded to a residential burglary in the Crystal Tree neighborhood, in the 10500 block of Timberline Court. An offender had entered into an unlocked patio door while the homeowners were upstairs asleep, Keating said. The offender heard the homeowners awaken and left the residence without any valuables before police arrived, Keating said.

Then at about 3 a.m., an offender, later identified as Jackson, committed a burglary at 14800 108th Ave., Keating said. This burglary was caught on surveillance video and showed Jackson wearing camouflage clothing and covering his face, Keating said. Jackson allegedly gained entry to the residence through an unlocked rear patio door while the homeowners were upstairs sleeping. Stolen in that burglary was over $30,000 worth of cash and jewelry, police said. A police canvas showed that Jackson was filmed on security video allegedly attempting to find open doors at other residences in the area, Keating said.

Last Sept. 1, a person dressed in camouflaged clothing was seen in the area of the 10900 block of Crystal Meadows Court and 10900 block Green Manor Court, police said. Orland Park police responded and a foot chase ensued, but the subject eluded capture and disappeared into the darkness, police said.

The Orland Park Police Department identified Jackson as a person of interest and disseminated the information to surrounding communities.

Last Oct. 2, a similar burglary was caught on security video in Burr Ridge. Orland Park detectives notified Burr Ridge Police Department of Jackson being a person of interest in the Orland Park burglaries. Burr Ridge detectives set up surveillance on Jackson and followed him while he drove into the Burr Ridge area on Oct. 5, police said.

In that case, Jackson, again wearing camouflaged clothing, parked his vehicle and disappeared into a tree line. Approximately three hours later, Jackson returned to his vehicle and attempted to flee when approached by police, Keating said.

After being stopped, police found in his possession a men's wedding band, a Corum watch and four sets of silver flatware, police said. The owners of those items have not yet been identified.

A search warrant of Jackson's residence in Oak Lawn was executed by Burr Ridge, Orland Park, and Oak Lawn police on Oct. 5, Keating said. Detectives recovered items taken in a previous residential burglary in Burr Ridge in May of 2012. Jackson was later charged with residential burglary in that case by Burr Ridge police, Keating said.