What do you say?

State your case for or against a federal ban on assault weapons.

(Asked at the Oak Lawn Public Library)

Austin Morgan,
Chicago Ridge

"I think they should be banned. You don't even need them to go hunting. They are for soldiers and the police."

Hana Elhila,
Oak Lawn

"I am for the ban. Violence is happening around the country to an extent that is too much."

Rem Ismail,
Oak Lawn

"They should be banned, because they will just cause more violence."

Neal F.,
Oak Lawn

"I am for the ban. Unless they are for the police or the FBI, I don't think regular citizens should have them."

Saja Jaber,
Oak Lawn

"People should be able to have them, but I think they should have to take a psychological test before they get the gun."