Candidates file to run in April election

By Laura Bollin

The filing deadline for candidates who intend to run in the April 9 election was Dec. 26. The mayors' and city or village clerks' seats, as well as select trustee or aldermanic seats are up for election in all six towns in The Reporter's coverage area. Area voters will also decide who will represent them on school, library and park boards.

The following is a list of area residents who have filed, and the seats for which they plan to run.



Chicago Ridge Village Board

Mayor Eugene Siegel, who has held the position for 38 years, will not run for re-election. Village Clerk Chuck Tokar will run uncontested for mayor on the Village Action Party ticket along with clerk candidate Lynn Barker and incumbent Trustees Brad Grove, Jim Saunoris and Bruce Quintos. Sally Durkin and Amanda Cardin will run for trustee as independents, and George Schleyer will oppose Barker for the clerk's seat.

Evergreen Park Village Board

Incumbent Mayor James Sexton is running for reelection as a member of the Good Government Party, along with incumbent village Clerk Cathy Aparo and incumbent Trustees Carol Kyle and Mark Phelan. Newcomer Dan McKeown will run for trustee on the Good Government ticket. Shawn Good will challenge Sexton for the mayor's seat.

Oak Lawn Village Board

Incumbent Mayor Dave Heilmann is running with a full slate of candidates on his Mayor's Independence Party ticket, which includes village Clerk candidate Melissa Moran facing off against incumbent Clerk Jane Quinlan, who is running as an independent. Also running on Heilmann's ticket are Trustee Cynthia Trautsch (District 1) and newcomers Julie Misner (District 2), Tim Reilly (District 4) and Carol Sheahan (District 6). Trautsch will be running for the seat she was appointed to fill after the resignation of Jerry Hurckes. The seat carries a two-year term.

Sandra Bury will challenge Heilmann for the mayor's seat. Also in the running as independent candidates for trustee are Timothy Desmond (District 1), incumbents Alex Olejniczak (District 2) and Tom Duhig (District 4), Terry Vorderer (District 4), Michael Carberry (District 6) and Joseph Sorrentino (District 6). Duhig defeated Vorderer in 2009 for the same seat. Sorrentino is the superintendent in Oak Lawn-Hometown School District 123.

Worth Village Board

Incumbent Mayor Randy Keller will be challenged by Trustee Mary Werner, who are both running as independent candidates. Running for three open trustee seats are incumbents Rich Dziedzic, Colleen McElroy and Jim Serpico, and Tedd Mursch Jr. Incumbent village Clerk Bonnie Price is the only candidate running for clerk. All candidates are running independently.

Palos Hills City Council

Mayor Jerry Bennett is running uncontested for reelection, along with city Clerk Rudy Mulderink, Treasurer Kenneth Nolan, and incumbent Aldermen Joan Knox (1st Ward), Mark Brachman (2nd Ward), A.J. Pasek (3rd Ward), Ricky Moore (4th Ward) and Mary Ann Schultz (5th Ward). All candidates are unopposed.

Hickory Hills City Council

Incumbent Alderman Brian Waight will be challenged by Stephen Novak in the city's 1st Ward. Incumbent Alderman Deborah Ferrero (2nd Ward) is running unopposed, while Francine Schafer and Brian Fonte will face each other in the 3rd Ward. Aldermen Louis DeRose (3rd Ward) will not seek re-election. Incumbent alderman Joseph Stachnik and newcomer John Corasiswill face off in the 4th Ward. All candidates are running independently.



Worth Township

The United Party of Worth Township is running a slate of incumbent candidates that includes Supervisor John F. Murphy, Assessor John Z. Toscas, Highway Commissioner Steve Loulousis and Trustees David J. Walsh, John "Jack" Lind and Michael E. Mahoney again this term. Sitting Clerk Roger Benson and township Trustee Marianne Viverito Chmela has also filed to run. Benson was appointed last year to clerk to fill a vacancy left by the death of longtime Clerk Tom "Bud" Gavin, and Viverito Chmela was appointed to Benson's old seat.

The Worth Township Community First Party ticket will include Kevin Hughes for superintendent, John Dietrick for assessor, Katie Elwood for clerk, Edward Moody for highway commissioner, and Richard Lewandowski, Norm Anderson, Eamon McMahon and Patrick Hanlon for trustees.


Boards of Education

Ridgeland 122

Incumbent candidates Steve Niceforo, Pat Pulver and Christine Glader-Wendt are running for reelection. School board member David Lif, appointed two years ago to fill a vacancy seat, is also running forelection.

Consolidated High School 230

Seven candidates have filed to run for four open seats. Board President Frank Grabowski will not seek re-election, and Michael Hastings resigned last month. Incumbent board members Carol Baker and Laura Murphy will run for re-election along with Kathleen Murphy-Peterson, Ben Twietmeyer, Tony Serratore, Susan Dalton and Anthony Catalano have filed.

Worth 127

Incumbent board members Danette Keeler, Drew Sernus and Vince Flores are running unopposed for four seats on the board of education.

Community High School 218

Incumbent board members Karen Burmeister, Randy Heuser, Thomas Kosowski and Larry Harris have filed to run for re-election. DonPratl, a former Chicago Ridge village trustee, has filed to run for the seat formerly held by his brother, Ron.

Chicago Ridge 127½

Two candidates have filed to run for five seats. Incumbent board member Cindy Koschetz is running for a two-year term, and incumbent Gregory Hillman is running for a four-year term. There are four four-year seats and one two-year term seat up for election.

North Palos 117

Incumbent board members Chris Slowik, Ron Moran and Deborah Groark have filed to run for re-election. Four seats are up for election.

Oak Lawn-Hometown 123

Incumbent board members Richard Mason and Jay Lurquin, and newcomers Brian Nichols and Peter DeRousse are running for election.

Evergreen Park 124

Three candidates have filed to run for four open seats. They are Julie Egan, Mary Pniewski and Ray Richter.

Moraine Valley Community College

Four trustee seats are up for election on the Moraine Valley Community College board of trustees. Three seats carry six-year terms, and one seat is for a two-year term.

Running for the six-year seats are incumbent Trustees Sandra Wagner and John Murphy, and John Brosnan Donahue, Andrea Ramirez-Justin, John Schiera, Ricardo A. Fernandez, Eileen M. O'Sullivan and Gary D. Lewis. Donahue and Ramirez-Justin have also filed to run for the two-year term, and had until Wednesday to decide which seats they will seek. Joseph A. Skibinski and Tom Cunningham have also filed to run for the two-year seats.


Library Boards

Evergreen Park

Six people are running for trustee seats for the Evergreen Park Library Board. Incumbent Trustees Virginia Chandler, Elizabeth Topaand Christina Ward are running for re-election to six-year terms. Helen Tomczuk, Christopher Nugarus and Kathleen Savory are each running for two-year terms.

Oak Lawn

Michael Rummery, Roseann Spoto and Glen Kato have filed to run for library trustee.

Chicago Ridge

Steve Seweryn is the lone candidate to have filed to run for library trustee.

Green Hills

Incumbent Trustees Noula Angelos, Steve Culen and Rick Kelleher will run for re-election.


Incumbent Trustee Kevin Ryan is the lone candidate who has filed to run for election.


Park Boards

Chicago Ridge

Incumbent Trustees Dave Conrad, Richard Egan and Robert Lind have filed to run for re-election.

Oak Lawn

Incumbent board member Gary Callahan is the lone candidate to have filed to run.