What do you say?

If you had a chance to talk with members of the families affected by the Newtown massacre, what would you say to them?

(Asked at the candlelight vigil on the Oak Lawn Village Green)

Don Pointer,

" Hang in there - it will get better eventually. It will come from the support of their friends and family. They have to rely on them."

Erica Heilmann,
Oak Lawn

" There are really no words you can say. It's the worst possible thing any parent can think of. It's very scary. There is nothing we can do except pray for them."

Jane Foley,
Oak Lawn

" I would tell them that the world is with them."

Nora Pointer,

" I would say how sorry I was that this happened to them and even though we're far away we think about them often. We will offer them our love and support."

Robert Foley
Oak Lawn

" I would say my prayers are with them.''