Merry Christmas to all

The Wine Guy
with Anthony Scarano

In the North Pole, there stands a small cottage with smoke curling up from the chimney. As snowflakes come down covering the house, Santa Claus is finally sorting out letters from children who are asking for certain presents. Surrounding the house, reindeer are waiting for Santa's orders. Christmas Eve is here, and Santa must get started!

Santa Claus is coming. He's "making a list and checking it twice!" It is now Christmas season and Santa is all set to bring gifts and presents to children and parents alike. Jolly Old St. Nick, as he's called, with a twinkle in his eye, a garment of red and trimming in white. He is loading up his sleigh with the many gifts and presents he is to deliver on Christmas Eve. With his cheeks and nose red from the cold, he raises his whip and flicks it over the reindeer. The excited and jubilant reindeer are on their way. Dancer and Prancer are in the group, and Rudolph with his red nose is leading the way.

Children who are excited and restless can't wait for Christmas morning. Parents are excited, because  there are presents for them, too!

After delivering all of the presents, Santa and his reindeer head back home to await the coming Christmas. With a laugh of accomplishment and a "ho, ho, ho," Santa wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

Anthony Scarano is not a doctor. He is an 88-year-old Evergreen Park resident, winemaker and certified naturopath. Suggestions in this space are solely the opinions of Mr. Scarano based on years of independent study and personal experience, and may not be beneficial to health. Wine should be consumed in moderation, as overindulgence may be harmful to health.