What do you say?

“What do you think of Oak Lawn’s Advocate Christ Medical Center’s smaller expansion plan — a seven story patient tower instead of a nine-story patient tower, and a reduced number of beds in the intensive care unit?”

(Asked at the Oak Lawn Public Library)

Don Trickle,

“The patient tower is fine, but they definitely need more parking. I went there last year, and you had to drive around to find parking.”

Maria Barragan,
Oak Lawn

“I think the hospital is good the way it is.”

Matthew Herbas,
Oak Lawn

“I went there once, and we got quick service. If they don’t need all nine stories, then it is good to reduce the plan.”

M.R. Traska,
Oak Lawn

“They may not have the money for the nine-story plan. Charities have to be hurting in this economy, and it’ll take 20 years to recover. I admire their commitment to having a trauma center.”

Nathan David,

“They most definitely need an expansion to service the people here. We went to the hospital, and had to wait for a long time to see a doctor. Maybe the expansion will help bring on new employees.”