What do you say?

What do you think of the Drew Peterson conviction?

(Asked at the Palos Heights Public Library)

Derek Dunlap,

“If he did it I think it’s an appropriate punishment, pending sentencing.”

James Stern,

“I thought he was guilty. Doesn’t really matter to me though.”

Jean Whitney,
Palos Heights

“It was disturbing about the hearsay evidence. But if somebody asked me where I’d put my money, it would be on guilty. But that’s just what I think.”

Krista Meyers,
Palos Park

“I was stunned. I thought for sure they’d find him not guilty. The evidence was mishandled. He’ll absolutely get a retrial.”

Wayne Bulthuis,
Oak Lawn

“I believe he did, but that hearsay evidence line…I really don’t know. Between that and the three times the prosecution defied the judge and presented evidence that was not approved.”