Hello, readers, long time no see! Actually, it has only been one week you have been without your precious, but we know that being apart from something you love can make a week seem like an eternity. The last “Whatizit?” seemed to be quite easy. Those who knew it was a cheerleader’s pom-pon were Jan Merchantz, Kathy Higgins, Laura Heneghen, Linda Martin, Al Kasper, Cathy Krueger, Deb Hense, Dana Oswald, A.W. Monson, Patricia Evers, Michael and Patty Vandenberg, Theresa and George Rebersky, Rick and Lara Groll, Carol and Jerry Janicki, Jack and Griffin Burke Faddis, Robert Solner, Bella Fruendt, Jack Schikora, Nanette Pociask, Jane Foley, Amanda Callas, Lois Faragher and Dan Higgins. You all rock!

This week’s clue is: Tatar, Urban, Aragonese. Send responses to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. under the subject “Whatizit?” and include your first and last names and where you live.