Mosquitoes marked for death

By Laura Bollin

The South Cook County Mosquito Abatement District has been busy trying to kill the blood-sucking insects this summer because of the increased risk of West Nile infection.

Mosquito Abatement District manager Douglas Wright gave a presentation to Worth Village Board on Tuesday, informing officials the district has been spraying insecticide every seven to 10 days in 53 south Cook County municipalities.

The district began spraying for mosquitoes in March, about a month earlier than they it typically begins such activity, Wright said. The district last sprayed in Worth on Aug. 27.

“We’ve been working day and night for the past two and a half months spraying for mosquitoes,” Wright said. “The surrounding villages are getting increased positives [for West Nile].”

The house mosquito, which carries West Nile, is attracted to sources of standing water — from a cellophane wrapper filled with water to a boat canvas cover where water has collected

“One of the big problems we are seeing with the economy and foreclosures is abandoned swimming pools, where mosquitoes can breed,” Wright said. “The best thing to do is empty the abandoned swimming pool; then call us and we can come and treat it.”