What do you say?

What would you like to see included in the new downtown Orland Park that the village is developing in the Metra Triangle bounded by 143rd Street, Southwest Highway and La Grange Road?

(Asked at the Orland Park Public Library, 14921 S. Ravinia Ave.)

John O’Halloran,
Orland Park

“I’d say like a nice coffee shop; like a Starbucks.”

Marc Montagano,
Orland Park

“Nightlife, specifically bars and restaurants. Something like downtown Naperville.”

Sameer Khan,
Orland Park

“A café. Like a coffee shop.”

Ursula Wenk,
Orland Park

“A book store or a nice coffee shop.”

Wilma Wright,
Orland Park

“I would like to see more senior housing. I wish they would have a little plus-size boutique.”