You don’t smoke bagpipes, but you can’t always take our clue so literally. Sometimes the clue is a merely a cryptic reference to get you on the right track — or maybe the wrong one, depending on what kind of mood we’re in. Several of you thought last week’s “Whatizit?” was a hookah, and that wasn’t a bad guess, but the vast majority of you readers knew it was a bagpipe, that abrasively irritating (to some ears) instrument from an island over in the North Atlantic. I seriously think there has to be something wrong with you to find the sound of a bagpipe appealing — and some people even have this, like, romantic attachment to it. Ugh! Anyway, here is the seemingly never ending list, in no particular order, of readers who got it done last week.

Linda Martin, Jack and Griffin Burke Faddis, Madeline Connolly, Amanda Callas, the Monson family, Kristen Gute, John Schikora, Gene Sikora, Laura Heneghan, Carol and Jerry Janicki, Ricka Rahn, Jan Merchantz, Patty Vandenberg, Rick and Lara Groll, Celeste Cameron, Frank Hirsch, Donna Perisin, Mike Collins (not of the IRA), Jack Retterer, Dana Oswald, Mary Beth Walsh, Steve Rosenbaum, Tom Kucharski and, last but not least, Robert Solner. We would like to note Mr. Solner knew the previous week’s “Whatizit?” as well, but we erred in not mentioning him. Sorry, Robert.

This week’s clue is: Shake, shake! Send responses to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. under the subject “Whatizit,” and include your first and last names and where you live. Thanks, readers, and we’ll see you on The Back Page next week. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read the rest of the paper.