Entrepreneur to sell shaved ice from hut in Ridge

By Kelly White

A shaved ice shop that made its area debut earlier this month at Worth Days Fest plans to open soon in Chicago Ridge.

Sensational Snow, which offers 16 flavors of shaved ice, will operate through October out of a portable custom-built hut at 10600 Ridgeland Ave., said owner Kevin Wright.

Wright and his father built the hut with what he called “premium grade two-by-fours. It consists of a 1,500-pound capacity trailer outfitted with an air conditioner, stainless steel sink and freezer. The trailer is equipped armed with a Honeywell alarm system and has a steel door with both a deadbolt and a handle lock for employee security, Wright said.

Wright told Chicago Ridge officials at the Village Board’s meeting on Aug. 7 that the trailer’s wastewater collection tank will be emptied every night off-site. He will bring fresh water and ice to the trailer daily, he added.

Chicago Ridge Building Commissioner Mike Witt had expressed concern about the safety of the wheeled trailer in a heavy storm or high winds, and suggested Wright tie or anchor the trailer down to something in the parking lot from which he will run the business.

“Adapting to whatever the village sees necessary is absolutely no problem at all,” Wright said. “I can anchor down the trailer, no problem.”

Wright is hoping to renew his lease on the property for next spring through fall.

“I got a little bit of a late start this year, but I think generally keeping the hut running from April through October will work out nice with the weather during those months,” he said.

Sensational Snow will offer blue raspberry, strawberry, pina colada, coconut, peach, banana, cherry, mango, watermelon, bubblegum, grape, pineapple, red raspberry, green apple, black cherry, and lemon shaved ice. Eight-ounce cups will cost $2 and a 10-ounce cup is $2.50.

“We like to pride ourselves on great service,” Wright said, “At Sensational Snow, all we do is shaved ice. Plain and simple.”

Wright insisted his product is not just a regular snow cone, but “gourmet shaved ice.”