EP trustees OK stops at 93rd & Troy

By Laura Bollin

Evergreen Park trustees have approved the creation of a four-way stop at the intersection of 93rd Street and Troy Avenue.

Trustees, citing the need to improve safety at the intersection, voted unanimously Aug. 7 to install the stop signs. The proposal was originally for a two-way stop sign, but Trustee Mark Marzullo said a four-way stop sign would better handle traffic and the other five trustees agreed.

Evergreen Park police Lt. Pete Donovan said residents of the neighborhood have complained about heavy traffic in the area.

“There are train tracks at 94th Street and Kedzie and 95th Street and Troy, and when a train comes through, traffic gets backed up,” Donovan said. “Residents thought a stop sign would make people stop instead of flying through the intersection because there is no stop sign.”

There have been three accidents at the intersection in the last 18 months, including one Aug. 3 that resulted in minor injuries, Donovan said.

“People are cutting through the neighborhood, and not stopping at the intersection because there is no stop sign,” he explained.