What do you say?

What new recreation programs would you like to see the village offer in Palos Park?

(Asked at the Palos Park Farmer’s Market at the Palos Park Presbyterian Community Church, 12312 S. 88th Ave.)

Fran Mittler,
Oak Lawn

“A water park for kids; a day program for a few hours to give mothers some freedom.”

Joe Ebner,
Palos Heights

Things for younger kids. Things where all the kids can get involved.”

Mary Ann Hansen,
Palos Park

I think what they have seems to be adequate. The programs for the children have been fine.”

Peter Van Dyke,
Palos Park

“There’s no ping pong in Palos Park.”

Etalaya Damiani,

“Yoga for children. The Tao is the only way to optimal health for the mind body and spirit.”