Just when we were starting to think we knew how to fool you, readers, you go ahead and start impressing us with your keen powers of observation. You have proved that when you are focused, you are a tough lot to best. Those who knew last week’s “Whatizit?” was from a merry-go-round, or carousel, were Oak Lawn residents Steve Rosenbaum and Jane Foley; Hickory Hill people Cathy Krueger, Jan Mastro, Bella Fruendt, and Jack and Griffin Burke Faddis; Palos Hillian Lois Faragher; Chicago Ridge residents Rick and Lara Groll, Patty Vandeberg, Bill and Shirley Ivers, Dana Oswald, Pat Kopchar, Mike and Linda Denham, and Dan and Kathy Higgins, Evergreener Amanda Callas; and Worth residents Gene Sikora, Robert Solner, Carol and Jerry Janicki, Doug Pociask, and Alaskan travelers George and Theresa Rebersky. We should note that some of you erred in regard to where on the carousel the image came from — it was actually from a horse — but we gave you credit anyway. Then again, many of you knew the image was taken from the horse on Page 4 of last week’s Reporter. Very impressive, indeed.

This week’s clue is: Summer crystals. Send responses to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. under the subject “Whatizit,” and include your first and last names and where you live.