Palos Hills begins branch collection

By Kelly White

The Palos Hills Public Works Department has begun picking up branches as part of its annual wood-chipping program.

Wood-chipping got underway Monday in the area bounded by 99th and 103rd streets, and 78th and 84th avenues. The free service is available only to single-family homes, and is typically offered Mondays except on holidays.

Branches must be between four and six feet long and no more than 10 inches in diameter. Branches larger than 10 inches in diameter must be cut into logs between 18 and 24 inches long, and will be picked up on request for a $5 fee added to the homeowner’s water bill. Root balls are also collected by request, and incur a $10 fee per ball. Any materials other than properly cut branches, or logs or root balls for which an appointment has been made for pick-up, will be left to be disposed by the homeowner.

The city has asked that residents place branches street side by the Monday morning before pickup, but should avoid doing so too far in advance. Branch piles left along the road can cause storm water drainage problems or block the view or motorists and pedestrians, city officials said. Branches should be neatly stacked and placed three feet from the edge of the roadway, with the cut ends of the branches facing the street. Improperly stacked branch piles, cross-stacked piles or those that look like bird’s nests will be passed by, not to be picked up until they are properly restacked.

 The city will not collect materials placed at the edge of the roadway by professional or commercial tree trimming or removal companies.