Paurazas marks 60 years in priesthood


Rev. Peter Paurazas will be marking 60 years in the priesthood at 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 2, at St. Patricia Church in Hickory Hills.
Ordained in May,1955 at Mundelein by Samuel Cardinal Stritch, Paurazas has served as an Associate Pastor at St. Joseph (South Chicago) and at lmmaculate Conception (Brighton Park) before becoming Pastor of St. Adrian in Marquette Park and St. Rene Goupil in Clearing.
ln addition he has taught at St.Francis DeSales High School from 1960-66 and at Maria High School from 1966-92.
Paurazas (who has one sister, Cecilia) is the son of lgnatius and Anna Paurazas and currently serves as a retired priest in residence at St.Patricia in Hickory Hills. After the Mass, light refreshments will be served in the Parish Center.