Townhome development rejected a second time by Worth Village Board

  • Written by Sharon L. Filkins

A zoning request was denied for a second time during the July 19 Worth Village Board meeting to build a six-unit townhome development at 10959 S. Harlem Ave.

Several months ago, the applicant had presented a plan that called for more than six units, but the request was denied due to the size of the lot and the number of variances requested.

There were six variances requested this time, ranging from rezoning from R-1 single-family residence to a T1 single-family attached residence. The applicant was seeking less than 150 feet of lot frontage required in the T1 District and to provide less than the 25-foot rear yard setback required.

The applicant also was hoping to provide fewer than the 15 required parking spaces on the property and to build accessory structures containing more than 160 feet in area footage.

Jose Madrigal, a resident who lives near the property, asked to address the board and stated that he was protesting changing the zoning to T1.

“I object to either four or five townhomes on this property. Two homes will be acceptable, but if they build townhomes there, my house will be up for sale,” he said.

Trustee Rich Dziedzic said that the village’s Real Estate Development Board (REDB) had recommended four units instead of the proposed six.

“This would reduce the amount of variances needed,” Dziedzic said. “We are hoping to give you something to work with as we would like to see the property developed.”

Trustee Pete Kats agreed. “We want to work with you. We all would like to see something nice on the property.”

During the meeting, village board officials said they are in excellent financial shape for the fiscal year that began May 1, 2016 and ends April 30, 2017.

Following a brief public hearing as required by law, the board approved its Annual Appropriation Ordinance reflecting the sum of $14,020,668 in appropriations for the General Corporate Fund.

Also approved was a certificate of estimated revenues in the amount of $14,020,668 as presented by Village Treasurer Dwayne K. Fox. The document certifies that the estimated revenues presented are anticipated to be received by the village during the 2016-17 Fiscal Year.

Other approvals included an ordinance amending the official zoning map of the village, based on recommendations from the REDB.

Business licenses were approved for five businesses, including Massages Reduces Stress, 11416 S. Harlem Ave.; Computer Outlet Center, 11300 S. Harlem; Sharns Motel, 7240 Southwest Highway; Simsimroo Inc., 7055 W. 111th St., and the Candle Light Shop, 11350 S. Harlem Ave., Unit 1.

Village Clerk Bonnie Price announced that due to the National Night Out scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 2, the village board meeting will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 3.