Spring Cleaning Tips to Detox Your Body

Five words or less (NewsUSA) - Spring is here, and if your thoughts turn to spring cleaning your house or office, don't stop there. Take the opportunity to spring clean your body, too. Variations on the process of body detoxification have been elements of many traditional health practices, including ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Consult your health care provider before starting a body detox regimen, but data suggest that most individuals without chronic medical conditions can undergo a simple detox, and the simplest of plans is this: Drink more water. Consistently drinking water each day can help rid your body of toxins even if you do nothing else. Data suggest that many American adults don't drink enough water, although it is essential for maximum health. "Without water, no living thing can survive," emphasizes Robert Eakle, CEO of Alkame Water. Water affects every area of our life and is an essential part to maintaining proper health," he adds. Water is a key element of any body detox plan. To make the most of your water, opt for purified, enhanced water, such as Alkame. Alkame Water's patented formula includes a distinctive alkalinity and high levels of stabilized, dissolved oxygen that help maintain the natural pH balance in the body. In addition, the super-oxygenated water promotes the removal of waste and toxins from the body and promotes digestive health through improved absorption of nutrients. Some other detox tips for beginners: * Back off the booze. Alcohol acts as a toxin in the body and can promote dehydration, and reducing or eliminating alcohol increases your opportunities to drink more water. * Curb the caffeine. Too much caffeine can have a toxic effect on the body. Cut down on caffeinated beverages, and replace them with water, especially enhanced, alkaline, ionized water, which has been shown to promote energy and overall health by allowing the body to absorb the water more quickly. * Track your water consumption. Most people don't pay attention to how much water they drink daily. Aim for two quarts (that's 8 8-ounces glasses). Alkame Water is based in Las Vegas, NV, and it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alkame Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: ALKM). For more information about Alkame Water, including how to have it delivered to your home or office, visit